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Polyurethane optimizer

RF Filler
(Polyurethane volatile and resistant)
Polyurethane optimizer, Used in the Footwear industry
Product Name: RF Filler

Introduction: Polyurethane is the final product name used in the Footwear industry. Polyurethane is a combination of two substances called urethane and isocyanide. RF Filler is the name of very high technology materials that are added to polyurethane, which increases the volume and durability of polyurethane by 15%. It also reduces the cost of the finished product by 30%. When using this product, before the combination of urethane and isocyanide, RF Filler is added to urethane. Then the urethane is mixed with isocyanide and the final polyurethane is used at the Intended site.

Applications: For the manufacture of optimized polyurethanes with Viscoelasticity properties.

Advantage: The use of RF Filler for optimized polyurethane gives the unique features to the shoes:
1) The use of RF Filler reduces the use of polyurethane by 15%. (15% reduction consumption in urethane and isocyanide)
2) The use of RF Filler reduces the cost of finished shoes by 30%.
3) The use of RF Filler increases the shoe's firmness and flexibility.
4) Use of RF Filler increases shoes` cushion volume by 15%.

1) The time for add RF Filler to urethane is before mixing urethane with isocyanide.
2) Add RF Filler to urethra. The amount of RF Filler added to urethane is 1% by weight. (For example, if 100 kg of urethane is used, one kg of RF Filler should be added.)
3) The RF Filler should be mixed with urethane at 50 ° C for one hour.
4) Mix urethane with isocyanide and use it.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place away from Humidity higher than standard.

Note: Be tested and approved by the user before consumption.
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Polyurethane optimizer-Specification Sheet

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